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Our Vision
To become the largest manufacturer and distributor of dolls of color globally.   

Our Mission
As we celebrate black beauty through dolls we endeavor to produce high quality collectibles that inspire, captivate and encourage young women and children to love the skin they’re in. We hope to increase self awareness and self confidence by giving them positive options for dolls that they can identify with.

Our History
In 2001 we got the idea to develop an African American doll that would depict "The Essence of a Delta". The idea to develop a doll for myself expanded into a collection of dolls that celebrated all the Black Greek Lettered sororities. In 2006 we began prototyping and today Trinity Designs, Inc. has grown its product line and its vision.

Our initial vision was to develop dolls that captured the image and character of the African American sorority sister.  During our product and development phase the vision shifted and our goals expanded. To date we have designed 9 adult collectible dolls.

Our upcoming products
We have a new line of Natural hair divas for our sorority collection. We are so excited to bring a new flavor to our portfolio! We are sure you will love our new Sorority girls!!!  The natural hair dolls include: The Essence of Lady Ivy, The Essence of a Zeta and The Essence of a Delta.  We recently debuted our newest dolls entitled "Slay Cancer dolls".  These beauties are in celebration of the many women and young girls slaying the fight with cancer.  We hope to fully launch these dolls in 2018.  There are plans in the works to also launch a line of child certified dolls soon! This is something we have been waiting to do and now is the time!!


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