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Excellent Dolls, owner extremely responsive, keeps you regularly updated on order status...Would encourage all women to support TDI

Linda Singletary

I received my Zeta doll today. She's beautiful! I love it! Z Phi

Shamika Johnson

I received my Ivy Lady yesterday and I am delighted with her beauty and elegance!!! She will be treasured! Thank you Trinity Designs!

Eyvon Austin

Ooohhhh, Lady Ivy arrived today and from her fingernail polish and pinky up to the details of her freckles, hair, makeup to her fly shoes, bag and accessories.... this gal is worth EVERY PENNY!!!!!!!! I def need to order the glass case cuz she is too cute to get a spec of dust on!!!! Thanks so much. In love. Can't wait to display her!!! Right beside my Centennial Barbie....

Lolita E. Walker

In one word...WOW.

I collect dolls and she is now my fav! She's absolutely beautiful all the way down to her great lashes! She's well made with joints for posing, those natural coiffed curls, painted nails, zipped boots and undergarments to boot! This is no Barbie!

Goes to show that you get what you pay for. We were teased by the doll designer early and placed orders right away (which definitely helps control inventory...makes sense) but it was well worth the wait!

Merry Christmas to me!

Bridgette Pearl

I received my Essence of Delta Doll and truly Felt the Essence she embodies! Absolutely LOVE HER!!!! So Glad I got her when I did! The audio makes her Even MORE SPECIAL! She is Truly One Of A Kind! Oh to Be DELTA! ??

Carla McClung Hayes

I received my DELTA doll and I love her!!!! I kept saying I wanted to get one but just didn't, now I am soooooo glad that I did! I can't wait to place her in a jive protective glass for display in my new house, she will be an AWESOME addition , my husband who is non Greek says she is beautiful!Thank you SOROR!!!!

Kris Washington

Soror I received my Essence of a Delta yesterday and she is absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for such good workmanship.  Now all I need is a granddaughter to pass it down to.

Marion Williams



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